What is the conditional?

The conditional is used in general to express what could happen, what might have happened, and what we wish would happen.

The formula of the sentence : conditional clause or if clause + main clause and we do remove the comma if the position is changed for the main and conditional clause but the important thing in conditional is the verb tenses.

TypesIf clause verb tenseMain clause verb tense
Type0Simple presentSimple present
Type 1Simple presentSimple future
Type 2Simple pastPresent conditional or Present continuous conditional
Type 3Past perfectPerfect conditional

Conditional type0 :

General truths (something that is always true: scientific truths, Personal facts)

Formula: if + present simple / present simple


If you heat butter, it melts

Personal facts (allergy..):

If I eat fish, I get sick

Conditional type1:

Probability in the present or in future, it’s an open condition (something’s that will or will not happened)

Formula: (If clause) if + present simple / (main clause) will + infinitive


If you jump, you will fall

If you are late, you will miss the bus

Conditional type 2 = we use its in case of unreal conditional or hypothetical and its probable result

Form tense

(If clause) if + past simple / (main clause) would + infinitive


If i had wings, i would fly

The symphony will be great, if they were dressed traditionally

Conditional type 3:

Hypothetical conditional in past its probable result in the past (in condition: if this thing had happened, result: this thing would have happened)

Formula: (If clause) if + past perfect / (Main clause) would+ have + past participle


If I had known you were come, I would have stayed

If I had studied harder, I would have passed the exam

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