Make a good academic essay or paragraph in the university exam or in a test, here are some steps and advice to write a good essay and improve your writing:

The first thing is to understand the meaning and the subject that you will discuss.

Never start with giving your opinion, agree or disagree, because you will limit your ideas and repeat the test question without changing anything.

Second paraphrasing the question: what’s mean changing the words question by using synonyms that will help to avoid the repetition for the same words, structure of sentences (change verbs to nouns or to adjectives..) Instead, you should keep the same meaning.

Use the active voice (ex. the educational program was developed by the professors (passive voice)/ Professors developed an educational program (Active voice).

In your writing do not use contractions (isn’t, don’t, can’t…) it is better to write the whole word.

Avoid the extra words like (There are, There is) and (very, a lot, really, so) these words make your writing and your text less strong, use the strong verbs (ex. He gave assistance better write He assisted…).

All these steps will help to not lose marks in your exam and pass the test.

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